How regular exercise and a good diet can improve your life

Many people over-complicate losing weight and just generally staying healthy, but it isn’t rocket science. Fad diets DO NOT work and will leave you feeling miserable. Regular exercise and a good diet is all it takes to lose weight and you can make simple changes without too much disruption to your life in the following ways.

Slow and steady is the key

You are not going to change a lifetime of bad eating habits in a week, just like you are not going to lose 10 pounds in a week. Slow and steady changes are more manageable and they will also give you better results in the long run. Keeping things steady will save you getting pain and swelling at the base of the big toe. Introducing more fruit and vegetables into your life would be a good start point for you, or cutting your portion sizes and easing on the takeaways. You do not have to count every single calorie that you are putting in your body, because we all need a treat from time to time. A chocolate bar now and again is fine, allowing yourself what you like but in moderation is a good thing and will stop crazy cravings. As you get further on your journey, make more changes like drinking more water and eating plenty of fiber and protein.

Aching back painNow let’s take a look at exercise, unless you want to feel like you are about to collapse – I recommend NOT joining a gym or running a marathon if you are completely new to the world of fitness. Start by walking more, perhaps building this to a gentle jog a few times a week. There are so many exercise videos online for people of all different levels of fitness. A 20 minute cardio workout, 4-5 times a week is all it takes to see your body changing in a positive way. Finding an exercise that you really ENJOY doing will make this a habit that you start to love. This could be anything from yoga, dancing, football or swimming – you might want to check out classes that are available in your area and get involved.

The benefits to regular exercise and a good diet

The obvious benefit is weight loss and a more toned physique, but this shouldn’t be the main reason that you want to change your lifestyle. The following are other benefits to regular exercise and a good diet, they are definitely worth thinking about.

– Exercise releases feel good endorphins and is actually great for battling depression, anxiety and stress. Think about it – does anyone ever finish a workout and say, “I wish I didn’t do that?” Of course not, it feels good when you work your body and it is mental benefits too!

– Not only are you saving yourself from things like obesity, you will be avoiding all the horrible conditions that come with it. This involves type 2 diabetes, sore joints, backache, stroke, high blood pressure and even cancer.

No one likes to think about cancer, if you feel you have any concerns about ovarian cysts, you should see your doctor about polycystic ovary syndrome treatment.


Understanding the benefits to your body on the outside and inside is really important, if you are serious about implementing regular exercise and a good diet. As long as you take things slowly and learn about the foods that you are eating (while allowing yourself to be naughty sometimes), it isn’t half as bad as what you think it is.

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